I am Jonathan Sheppard, known on the internet as “shrakner.” I graduated from Georgia Tech with a B.S. in Industrial Design and then earned a Certificate in Internet Programming from Aiken Tech. I am currently seeking full-time employment as a designer as well as freelance design contracts through DayForge Design, a design partnership formed with fellow GT Industrial Design graduate Jena Rowland. Under the DayForge Design name, I released my first app, the Radia LED Clock, in the Mac App Store.

I chose to study Industrial Design at Georgia Tech because it was the perfect way for me to merge the problem-solving and artistic sides of my mind. The same creative passion, coupled with my problem-solving nature, continues to drive me today in my freelance work, my app development, and in other creative experiments.

I have a informal blog at shrakner.net/blog/ where I post my various creative experiments and discuss development of my apps. Some of my creative efforts can also be found at shrakner.deviantart.com.

My design-related interests (besides industrial design) primarily include 3D graphics, digital device design, video game design, graphical user interfaces (GUIs), fantasy and science-fiction worlds, and computer technology and hardware.

For the convenience of prospective employers, a few standalone PDF documents including my resume and work samples are posted below. I recommend right-clicking and saving the PDFs to disk before viewing.

Current Resume
Last update: January 2011
Graphics PDF Portfolio
Last update: January 2011
Industrial Design PDF Portfolio
Last update: July 2009
"Piggy Pen" Guinea Pig Housing
2008 Housewares Competition entry packet
Fall 2007 Studio Summary
Brief summary of the four projects of the semester

I created this site as an efficient way to archive and show others my various projects and abilities. All layouts and pages are done by hand without the use of "helper" programs such as Dreamweaver. For optimal performance and compatibility, my site relies on the use of XHTML and CSS as much as possible, resorting to Javascript or Flash only when necessary. My site has been tested and proven to function well in all major browsers. Internet Explorer 6 and 7, due to lack of full standards-compliance, cannot handle all the CSS correctly, so workarounds are embedded in the code which slightly degrade the site to compensate for IE. Mobile Safari (iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad) also has an issue with the menu bar due to awkward implementation of the position: fixed property. This site performs best in Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome.

The name "shrakner" originally came from a creature I designed back in middle school for an imaginary water planet. Due to its ecological similarity to an Earth shark, I simply switched the a and r in shark and added -ner to create the name shrakner. I have continued using the name as a unique indentifier online.

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