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Shuttlecraft Modeling Exercise

A Flash animation showing the modeling process. A higher resolution version of the animation is also available (right-click to download).

This project was an exercise in Solidworks modeling, using both solid and surface modeling techinques, in order to create a 3D printable model. I decided to model the Type 9 / Class 2 "speedboat" shuttlecraft from Star Trek: Voyager, originally designed by Rick Sternbach.

3D printed shuttlecraft model
3D Printed ABS model v2
( &asymp 2.5" long)

As the model was built for the purposes of small-scale 3D printing, some details were simplified and/or eliminated, and the model was left untextured. In addition, the nacelle pylons were thickened for better strength and the warp nacelles were lengthened after the initial print. The models were printed in ABS plastic using a Dimension SST 768 and Catalyst EX.

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