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Eagle Sports Website

Eagle Sports website screenshot

In September of 2009, I was contracted to build a website for Eagle Sports, a sports program for home-educated athletes in the Augusta, Georgia area.

Original Eagle Sports site mockup presented to the client
Original mockup presented to the client

I created a website with the goal of simplicity and a smooth, modern look that incorporated bold elements appropriate for a sports website. I presented an initial concept very close to the current design before receiving the job, and I worked with the client to refine it past that point.


Unlike the website redesigns for Evans Christian Academy, I did not have a current website to work off of, so every page had to be created from scratch. The simplicity designed into the website, however, allowed for several changes to the site layout to be implemented smoothly. Two menus are used: a horizontal menu with key links necessary for all sports, and a vertical menu on the left which provides access to individual sports pages. The vertical menu was later expanded with a second set of links to pages common to multiple sports yet not critical enough to be included in the horizontal bar. The translucent background used in the final design was created to give the site additional visual appeal without significantly impacting readability.

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