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Evans Christian Academy Website - 2009 Redesign

Evans Christian Academy website

In spring 2009, I redesigned Evans Christian Academy's website. The previous design was unchanged since I first rebuilt it in 2006, and it was starting to look dated. The 2009 redesign represented not only a layout and graphics overhaul, but a great improvement to the underlying code, building off my experience gained since the last design.


This revision uses a horizontal menu bar with dropdown menus for primary navigation, since the old vertical menu with flyout sub-menus was difficult to use for some people. The replacement is much closer to desktop menus that users are familiar with.


Most of the site's graphics were created in Adobe Illustrator, with some Photoshop work. Unsatisfied with the simple gloss or matte looks typical of many "clean" website designs, I decided to create a look inspired by glass-overlaid marble.


The site layout was constructed using standards-compliant XHTML (1.0 Strict) and CSS. As the pages were populated using content from the previous design, some pages were changed to XHTML Transitional to preserve some page elements. Like the previous site, sever side includes (SSIs) were used to ensure that the menu and page footers remained identical across all pages.

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