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"The Look" Photography Website

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"The Look" Photography- Temporary Site

The Look Photography website was created for Steve L. Craig as the final project for IST 238 at Aiken Technical College. The site was designed and built by classmate Julia Fountain and I. Julia was primarily responsible for the design of the site, especially the logo, while I was responsible for the bulk of the coding.

The site's primary goal is to promote The Look Photography to new clients by providing samples of previous work as well as contact information. The site's secondary purpose is to provide a way for existing clients to browse proof galleries online and make selections.

Before consulting the client, Julia Fountain and I browsed existing photographer's websites as a kind of precedent analysis. This groundwork enabled us to establish a design aesthetic and create a site map during our first client meeting. A minimalist aesthetic was chosen so that the photography would be allowed to stand out.

The Look - submenu screenshot

This website is the first in which I really took advantage of Javascript for some elegant interactions. I coded a Javascript submenu for the "Portfolio" menu item that fades in and fades out. The gallery pages use a substantial amount of Javascript to allow for the thumbnails to become more opaque when the cursor hovers over them, and then to change the main preview when a thumbnail is clicked on. I also used two freely-available code packages, first the Image Cross Fader Redux for the cycling images used on the front page. I also used the ever-popular Lightbox 2 to allow for larger views of the portfolio images.

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