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Apple Mailer Advertisement- 3 views
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Project Statement

My goal for this project was to create a new mail advertisement which highlights the ability of new Macs to run both Mac OS X and Windows. Included in the mailer will be a CD with an interactive Flash demonstration of the Mac's ability to run both Mac OS X and Windows, as well as providing other reasons to "switch." Key points and guidelines to achieving this goal included:

  • Advertise ability to run Windows XP and Vista
  • Remind consumers that previously purchased applications and games still run
  • Emphasize "freedom"
  • Don't undersell ability of the Mac OS platform- compatibility is a double-edged sword
  • Target "switchers": encourage current PC users to choose Mac next time they purchase a computer

Sketch Models
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Development of this mailer proceeded mostly through study models, assisted by a few storyboards. Given Apple's standard of highly refined graphics and advertising, a significant amount of time was spend tweaking and perfecting the final design in order to match that level of polish.

Layout Progression
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Final Design

The final design was a single-fold mailer with a slide-out CD. While folded for mailing, the advertisement is a square with the address and postage on one side, and the only decoration is the Apple logo on both sides. Upon opening the mailer, the recipient is presented with a short message and invited to pull the tab on the right. Pulling the tab reveals the included demo CD, the iMac display changes from a Mac desktop to a Windows Vista wallpaper, and the second part of the "Experience Freedom- Experience Mac" slogan is revealed.

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