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XP3 Music Player

XP3 Music Player- 3D render
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Initial Design Statement

Create an MP3 player integrated into a watch for sports use (running, biking, etc.) The device should not be significantly bulkier than a standard digital watch, and must seamlessly integrate MP3 playback function with the form factor and functionality of a watch.

Concept Analysis

After beginning concept sketches on the MP3 watch, I realized that my design statement was too limited. I then rewrote the statement, refining the intention of the original statement and removing the restriction on the form factor.
Concept Sketches
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Concept Sketches
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Revised Design Statement

Create a highly durable MP3 player and radio for sports use (running, jogging, biking, etc.) Designed for the sub-$100 price range, this player must have simple controls that can be operated by touch without looking at the device.


  • Durable exterior
  • Easily accessible buttons, distinguishable by touch
  • AM/FM radio
  • Small size
  • Wearable
  • Built-in headphone storage

Final Design

The final design for the XP3 player uses a prominent black rubber "bumper" to protect the device from impacts, while the remaining housing is built of sturdy, lightweight aluminum. The two most often used controls, the volume and previous/next track controls, are implemented as large, rubberized plastic "nudge wheels." The play button is also large and easily distinguishable by touch. A rubberized sliding switch on the bottom allows choice between play modes. The "mode" and "enter" buttons, since they are used to change settings and will not be used unless the user is looking at the device, are flush with the front face to discourage accidental operation during "sport" use. Special cutouts in the rubber "bumper" allow earbuds to be wrapped around the device when not in use. Finally, the belt clip allows the player to be clipped to the waist for easy accessibility.

Final Design

Final Design- back view
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Orthographic views.

All 3D modeling and rendering was done using Form-Z 5.5.

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